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ARTISTIC DIRECTOR: Michael Keegan-Dolan

Direction et Choreography:

Michael Keegan-Dolan


Cormac Begley and s t a r g a z e

Set Design:

Sabine Dargent

Lighting Design:

Adam Silvermann

Costume Design:

Hyemi Shin

Sound Design:

Hélène Atkinson


Imogen Alvares, Cormac Begley, Romain Bly, Tyler Carney, Kim Ceysens, Lisa De Boos, Aki Iwamoto, Zen Jefferson, Mayah Kadish, Amit Noy, James O'Hara, Keir Patrick, Rachel Poirier, Connor Scott, David Six, James Southward , Carys Staton, Aart Strootman, Maaike Van der Linde and Marlies Van Gangelen

Teac Damsa was established in 2016 when the Fabulous Beast Dance Theatre moved from the Irish midlands to the West Kerry Gaeltacht on the Southwest coast of Ireland. Teac Damsa makes dance and theatre work informed by a sense of place and nurtures a deeper more meaningful connection with the traditions, language and music of Ireland. Teac Damsa creates a place where artists can work together to make dance and theatre work that transforms both artist and audience.


While grounded in Ireland the company draws upon an international ensemble of performers, artists and collaborators and has created work that has toured and resonated internationally.


Teac Damsa was founded by Michael Keegan-Dolan in 2016. Its first production, Swan Lake continued a tradition of ground-breaking productions for which the company is reputed. It won the Irish Times Theatre Award 2017 for Best New Production and the UK Critics’ Circle National Dance Award for Best Production 2018. MÁM created in 2019, was the first show entirely conceived, rehearsed and produced in the West Kerry Gaeltacht and was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Production in 2020 and two UK Critics’ Circle National Dance Awards in 2022.

Bringing together the virtuoso, Irish traditional concertina player Cormac Begley, the European classical, contemporary collective, s t a r g a z e, an actor and twelve international dancers from the Teac Damsa company, MÁM is a meeting place between soloist and ensemble, classical and traditional, the local and universal.​


Following the success of his acclaimed re-imagining of the world-famous ballet, Swan Lake/Loch na hEala (2016) Michael Keegan-Dolan and Teac Damsa have created another mythic yet timely production that acknowledges how life’s polarities can on occasion come together and find resolution. The show was nominated for an Olivier Award for Best New Dance Production in 2020.


It starts out like a sinister cult: the mask of a black ram, a curl of sweet-smelling smoke, a girl in a white communion dress confronted with a severe lineup of adults in black formal wear and paper-bag balaclavas. But then comes Cormac Begley and his enchanting concertina, with its mournful drone and scampering rhythms, its sound of tough lives and strong bonds. And it’s a spell. Music is a spell that runs right through this wonderful piece. - Lyndsey Winship, The Guardian

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21 performers

(12 dancers, 8 musicians, 1 child)> 80 min without intermission

Creation 2020

21 performers

(12 dancers, 8 musicians, 1 child)> 80 min without intermission

Creation 2020




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coming dates



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